Use streaming internet music to DJ


Use tracks uploaded to SoundCloud by musicians worldwide, scratching and sampling them in real-time for an authentic DJ experience.
Search SoundCloud for tracks, or use ones you've Favorited or even uploaded yourself. Use the massive catalog of songs uploaded daily to SoundCloud to mix to your heart's content.
You are also free to use any songs on your iPhone or iPod touch, too!


Choose tracks and play back immediately

Once you select a track, you can play it back right away.
The app converts it into a sound file on-the-fly in the background, meaning there's no waiting for it to download or convert. 1
The circular progress indicator around the import button indicates how far the conversion has progressed, or, when streaming, how much has been downloaded so far.

1. Note that when streaming, latency in your Internet connection or wireless conditions may cause a delay. If the connection is interrupted while streaming, the progress indicator turns red and notifies you of the error.

Just tap waveforms to scratch


Touch interface offers intuitive control. Touch the sound waveforms directly to scratch in a desired part of the track.
Waveforms can be displayed in either scratch mode or birds-eye mode. In scratch mode, a 1-second waveform is displayed move that waveform around to create a scratch just like on an analog record.
In birds-eye mode, the waveform for the entire track is displayed. Tap anywhere on the track to jump to that point.


Pre-cueing feature enables easy access

By using the Pre-cueing feature on each deck, you can output the sound from that deck to a channel other than the one playing back to the audience. 1
Use this function to smoothly link tracks together.
1. Tap the headphone icon to turn on the Pre-cueing function. Cloud DJ sends the source sound from both decks to the split cable's left channel. The right channel only outputs sound from whatever deck has Pre-cueing turned on. Connect a speaker to the left channel and headphones to the right channel to monitor cueing before playback.

Use up to 6 samplers


Each deck includes 3 samplers you can use to store samples up to 5 seconds in length. Any data you sample is saved after you close the app, so you can keep using your favorite samples again and again.
Loopping is built into decks in iPhone5, effects module in iPhone3GS-4S


Time stretch, plus four other effects included

Use the time stretch function to speed up playback by 50-200% without changing the pitch. Track speed is automatically made uniform throughout the track, ensuring that sound quality stays constant.

Also included are 4 effects: EQ, HighPass/LowPass filter, BitCrusher, and Gate. If you want any more effects or other improvements, please don't hesitate to contact us from the contact form below.